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So you've finished a tour and now you feel more lost than ever! Here are some resources to help you get around. Scroll down to check out the map of my favourite spots, the list of the best books about the city and please don't forget to leave a glowing review!

Best of Amsterdam

Sometimes you don't want a whole list of suggestions. You don't need to hear about 15 different sandwich shops - there's one that is simply the best. That's what we call the Best Of. Accept no substitutes. Click on the icons for more information and descriptions. And feel free to let me know what you thought of the places I recommend!

Best Boat Tour

Those Dam Boat Guys offer small group boat tours with fun and funny guides. Forget the big boring boats - these guys are the future!

Best Thing to do on Friday Night

Van Gogh Museum is open until 10pm and they're serving cocktails. What more needs to be said?

Best Ribs

Cafe de Kloos. It's an Amsterdam classic. There's no reservations and it's often busy, so just tell them you're waiting and grab a seat in the bar across the street and they'll come get you when a seat opens up. It's worth the wait.

Best Pancake

The Upstairs Pancake House claims to be the smallest restaurant in Europe. With only 3 tables inside, it's easy to believe. Try a nice Cheese and Bacon pancake, covered in delicious syrup. That's how the Dutch do it.

Best Sandwiches

Broodje Bert. The place is tiny and always full... for a reason. When the weather is good they have a lovely slanted terrace. I like the Roast Beef Old Cheese on Brown bread but... they're all amazing.

Best Cookie

Van Stapele. All they sell is this one chocolate cookie. It just so happens that it's the most delicious cookie in the world.

Best Bookstore

American Book Center. A four story all English language bookstore with an excellent section on Amsterdam..

Best Street Market

Waterlooplein. It's the biggest, It has everything.It's lots of fun. Best souvenir? Slippers shaped like clogs. Comfy and funky!

Best jenever

Wijnand Fockink has the most delicious varieties of 'Dutch Gin' - just don't call it gin when you're there! Try the 'Superior' variety. Aged for 2 years in Jack Daniels oak casks! Delicious.

the REST

Here is a more complete list of things to do. Don't be fooled - I only recommend good stuff! There is literally nothing on this list that  I wouldn't happily go to myself. Click the icons for more information.

The Best Books

Here are links to the best books to read if you want to really dive in. 'Amsterdam' is a very well-written narrative history of the city by our adopted son Russel Shorto. 'In The City of Bikes' by Pete Jordan remains one of my favorite books about Amsterdam of all time. And finally, Shorto's 'The Island at the Center of the World' is about the history of New York under the Dutch is a wonderful examination of American history. And finally, Geert Mak (what a cool name!) wrote the seminal history with 'Amsterdam: A brief life of the city'. All of them are great reads.

More Resources

Here's a bunch of videos to check out if you want to dive a little deeper into Dutch history and culture. A video playlist, made special just for your!

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I hope you enjoyed the tour as well as the rest of your time in Amsterdam. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!

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